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          梅根红衫 - 肖'06谈美国原住民身份

          梅根红衫 - 肖06年,松树岭,南达科他州的Oglala拉科塔部落的成员,谈到了美国本地人的身份,文化和历史在全校集会上周五,12月13日。

          梅根应邀在承认印第安人传统月的股权和社区办公室,分享她的故事,并与移动和高级EVA布兰德 - 黑鹰'20个人言论出台。梅根·w88优德出席了五年,她读高中的前离开康涅狄格州与她的家人面前。她分享她在w88优德大学的经历,她的旅程,发现她的真实身份的回忆。

          Megan delivered a thought-provoking assembly presentation that delved into the unique history and experience of Native Americans. Combined with photos of Native tribes across the country, documentary footage and personal anecdotes, Megan's talk explored how the Native American community has been perceived and represented throughout time. She urged the community to question the history they have come to know, and to ask whether there might be other voices edited out of the narrative. After her talk, Megan provided students and faculty with opportunities for more in-depth exploration, hosting Q&A breakout sessions in the Walter Camp Athletic Center.

          梅根赢得了她的教育硕士来自哈佛大学,是创始人 在美国本地人,在线文学杂志为美国本土,阿拉斯加原住民,以及夏威夷土著青年。该出版物精选的MTV新闻为使本地青年的声音在美国的谈话前列的目标。

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